How it works

  1. One can choose from our variety of products (groceries) or send us a list of the items they want to purchase.
  2. We send you a quotation
  3. We discuss and negotiate the pricing
  4. We deliver.
  5. Products can be daily groceries, supermarket purchases and others accordingly.

What We Do

Grocery Deliveries
Cheers Delivery Solutions is in the grocery delivery industry to ensure that we go all the way to make available a wide range of goods and products from top vendors in Kampala.

Pick up and Drop offs. Gate to Door to Gate
Book your airport Gate to Door to Gate pick up. Our customer service executive will pick you up at the airport to your place of destina-tion or vice versa

Courier Services
We deliver a wide range of durable and non-durable goods at affordable prices

Door to Door Pick up
Book your Door to Door pick up. Our custom-er service executive will be on time to drive you to your destination